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Mikey at Point Reyes, Northern California - September 2009

My review of Gary Renard's Love Has Forgotten No One: The Answer to Life

  My review of Marianne Williamson's Return to Love on Amazon

My review of Eckhart Tolle's The Power of Now on Amazon

 Mikey on the News! KTVL 10 Medford Facebook Friend of the Day! January 8, 2013

Mikey's Links:

Mikey Interviewed by Kenneth Bok of A Course in Miracles Explained. October 7, 2012

Mikey's Spiel: God Did Not Create the World - Thank God! click here to watch
Mikey Interviewed by Danielle Boonstra of MiracleShare, click here to listen.
Mikey introduces his book on You Tube, click here to watch. 
Mikey's Easter Message on You Tube, click here to watch. 
Mikey speaks on ACIM Gather, recording from 2-20-11, click here to listen.

An article printed in the Ashland Daily Tidings by Mike Lemieux: What is True Forgiveness?
You Tube version of What is True Forgiveness?

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Mikey Featured at the Soul-Filled Cafe

Gary Renard links:
Gary's website: www.garyrenard.com
Gary's podcasts with Gene Bogart: www.forgiveness.tv
Gary's The Disappearance of the Universe TV series fan page: www.facebook.com/DOTUtv

Gary Renard is Interviewed by Susan Dugan

Gary Renard on You Tube:

Gary speaks on 2012
Gary speaks on A Course in Miracles and Christianity
Gary excerpt from Beyond the Ego
Gary on The Happy Dream Cruise

A Course in Miracles links:
Foundation for Inner Peace: www.acim.org
A Course in Miracles Study Groups: www.miraclecenter.org/services/study_groups.php
Dawn Sechrist Burkett: www.diary-of-a-mad-course-student.blogspot.com
Bruce Rawles & Company: www.acimblog.com
The Universe is a Dream: www.alexandermarchand.com
On Course with Gene Bogart: www.oncourse.genebogart.com

Mikey's Funnies

Seinfeld Clips
Seinfeld: Elaine's Boyfriend becomes a Christian
Seinfeld: The Anti-Dentite
Seinfeld: George Gets Caught
Seinfeld: George Does the Opposite
Seinfeld: Kramer on Marriage
Seinfeld: Shrinkage
Seinfeld: Independent George; Worlds are Colliding
Seinfeld: Kramer can't decide between boxers and briefs

Movie Clips
Back to School: Economics Class
Kindergarten Cop: There is No Bathroom!
Forgetting Sarah Marshall: Yoga Class (***F-Bomb Alert***)
What About Bob? In the Institution
Stripes: And then depression set in (***Partial Nudity Alert***)
Caddyshack: Bill Murray caddies for the Dalia Lama
Road House: Rule #3 Be Nice!  (***Adult Content***)

Other Clips
Jerry Seinfeld's take on Facebook
Curb Your Enthusiasm: Larry Talking to Himself (***F-Bomb Alert***)
National Lampoon: Santa Claus Bailout Hearings (Santa Claus is played by a guy who appeared in an episode of Seinfeld; the female helper is none other than Gary's wife Cindy!)
Taxi: What does a yellow light mean?
Mad TV: Stop It!
Mad TV: Terminator/Jesus Spoof
Family Guy: Dinner with Jesus
Robin Williams: History of Golf (***F-bomb alert***)

Dude, Check Out My New Karma!
The Advaita Trap Cartoon
Family Feud: Devils and Angels
Don't mess with an old man on the golf course (***F-Bomb Alert***)
The Italian Man who went to Malta
Jesus Beer
Cats on a Treadmill
Mr Man on the Treadmill 2010
Mr Man on the Treadmill 2013 Take 1
Mr Man on the Treadmill 2013 Take 2
The Advantages of Extremism
Davey and Goliath: Sermon on the Mountain Dew
Larry David on Religion
George Carlin: Religion is B.S. (***Adult Content***)
Two Comedians Debate the Existence of God
Freaks and Geeks: Jesus is Just Alright

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